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> > Use portupgrade, from the ports tree. Then you can do "portupgrade
> > imapd" to update it, and it'll look in $(PREFIX)/etc/pkgtools.conf to
> > see what settings you want to use.
> Hum I can't find anything to resolve my problem within that file.

Quoting the comments in my copy of that file:

  # MAKE_ARGS: hash
  # This is a hash of ports glob => arguments mapping.  portupgrade(1)
  # and portinstall(1) look it up to pick command line arguments to
  # pass to make(1).  You can use wildcards ("ports glob").  If a
  # port/package matches multiple entries, all the arguments are
  # joined using the space as separator.
  # cf. -m/--make-args of portupgrade(1), ports_glob(1)
  # e.g.:
  #   MAKE_ARGS = {
  #     'databases/mysql323-*' => 'WITH_CHARSET=ujis',
  #   }

That looks like exactly what you're looking for.

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