On Wednesday, 26 February 2003 at 23:02:57 -0800, Ron Andreasen wrote:
> I just looked at the FreeBSD hardware list and saw all
> those contollers there.  Are any of those ISA devices
> or are they all PCI?
> I only have 3 PCI slots and they're all being used by
> stuff I can't give up (video card, sound card, and
> modem).  So if they are all PCI devices will ISA
> contollers still get the job done?  I'd be using it in
> FreeBSD 5.0.
I am sorry, but your question does not make sense, and I
doubt that anyone will be able to give you an answer that
will be meaningful to you based on your question.
Seems like you have gotten mixed up on some basics.
Suggest you google around to find out more about
ISA and PCI, then return with a restated question.
Cheers from Kjell

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