My churches web server is having problems compiling world for FreeBSD 7.0-p10 (I believe I just did the csup last night). It gets to this point and then stops with this error:

touch gtype-desc.h
touch: No such file or directory

A little history for what's going on; the server was not responding at all so I took it home to diagnose (it was at a friends house, where it's hosted). I turned it on and it booted up ok for me, which was a little odd because he told me that it wasn't doing "anything." So, I began looking the system over. Within 10 minutes the system became slow and was rather unresponsive to things. For example, saves while running vim took 20 seconds or so. Within a few minutes the kernel panicked and I had to reboot.

Before the panic I noticed that there were some background file system checks going. So, since it was rebooting anyway I went into single user mode and performed fsck on all of the partitions (except the root, that was marked as clean). There were many problems fixed especially on the /usr partition. I'm betting that this missing file, gtype-desc.h, happens to have been one of the many problems fixed.

At any rate, after running the file system checks I rebooted normally and everything appears to be fine. I then updated the system and kernel source code and that's when I found this problem. The kernel built ok and I've had the system running for up to 2 hours since fixing the file systems without incident. It's apparently corrupted file systems rather than hardware. Never the less, I will be turning up what smartd is monitoring because I do have it running and received no e-mail about hard drive problems.

So, basically, the question for everyone here is, what's the simplest way to get a fresh source code tree so that I can build the world applications?

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