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On Mon, 2009-02-23 at 01:15 +0000, af300...@gmail.com wrote:

> My churches web server is having problems compiling world for FreeBSD

> 7.0-p10 (I believe I just did the csup last night). It gets to this point

> and then stops with this error:

so, you did what you are supposed to do to get the latest source.


> So, basically, the question for everyone here is, what's the simplest way

> to get a fresh source code tree so that I can build the world applications?


If you want to make sure that nothing damaged is in your way, delete

everything under /usr/src except of your configuration file.

You also could use this to upgrade to 7.1.

I have considered that. There are a few ports installed on this system however, MySQL and Apache being the most important. How does one go about upgrading to a newer release and ensuring that the ports of "pristine" also when the upgrade is completed.

I was thinking of this approach, please advise if I'm mistaken.

1) comment all installed ports from auto-loading in rc.conf
2) upgrade kernel to newest release (7.1)
3) upgrade user land applications
4) csup the ports tree
5) portupgrade -a
6) uncomment the commented lines from rc.conf
7) reboot and hope all works as planned

Does this sound appropriate?

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