thanks ... but ... how?
now I don't get the first message; but the second tells me that a library is 
missing, but it is present.
anyway I' prepared a very simple /etc/libmap.conf like this:

# /etc/libmap.conf
# candidate             mapping
#               /usr/compat/linux/lib/

but clearly this is not enough. should I restart the system or use a program to 
make the change accepted?


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Oggetto: Re: libpthread not found wrote:
> Hi.
> I've installed netbeans from ports without error messages. when I started the 
> program I got an error like this: " needed by java not found". 
> I've verified that there is a in /usr/local/lib/pth. I've 
> done a rough attempt making a soft link; after that I've restarted netbeans; 
> now the error message is: "/libexec/ Shared object "" 
> not found, required by "java", also present but with version
> the same think happen with netbeans 6.1 and with netbeans 6.4 either 
> installed from ports or packages and also using a binaries. 
> have I done a mistake? how can I fix it?
> thanks for any idea.
> Marco.
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You may want to look at libmap.conf(5)

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