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Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Mar 2009 22:18:33 -0400, Chuck Robey <chu...@telenix.org> wrote:
>> What I don't know is, I use cvsup all the time, but when I switch to
>> svn, what does the "cvsup" job of tracking an archive (not tracking
>> the sources, I mean the archive)?  Does svn do it all itself?  If so,
>> I can find out how, I just want to know if that's how its done.  If
>> not, what's the general tool used to track the freebsd archive, so I
>> can investigate it?
> Hi Chunk,

I seem to be hitting problems, twice now folks have misunderstood me (oh, BTW,
it's Chuck (or chuckr), not Chunk).  I DON'T use cvsup to check out sources.  I
know very well that you *can* do that, but for the last about 8 years, I've
gotten the entire archive, not just a checkout.  While a checkout can certainly,
obviously follow a tag or a branch, it's just as obviously that it CAN'T follow
a tag or branch if you get the entire archive, because the entire archive
contains ALL of the tags/branches, and you need to do your own checkout from
that archive, of the tag or branch you want.

The ONLY thing I want to get out of this is the cvsup-like capability (which
I've been using now for 8 years) to update my entire archive (svn now, no longer
cvs).  Again, emphasizing, it's NOT just a checkout, and tags/branches have no
meaning at this level.  Something like trying to buy chapter 8 of a book: when
you buy the book, you get ALL the chapters.  When you get the archive, you get
ALL the tags/branches.

I *think* maybe you said that svnsync can do this?  I can't find any machine IP
that is to be used with subversion ... will something like cvsup2.us.freebsd.org
do for svnsync?  Will svnsync's  protocol get me the svn archive?  I don't want
the cvs archive, so could you help me understand how that's selected in this

Beyond that, you emphasized that it can't get only a part of an archive.  I'm
guessing you were referring to grabbing only ports, as against both ports and
src?  I don't know how the svn archive is organized, if there are separate
archive for ports and src, or if they're actually only parts of one archive, but
I do want both.  Also, as I said above, I expect to get ALL tags, all branches,
anything like that.

You ask me NOT to check out what you called a "snapshot" of the archive.  That's
precisely what cvsup was so good at, noticing what the changes were in your copy
of the archives, and only sending those.  hundreds of people kept checkouts of
the entire cvs archive.  Are you telling me that capability is no more?  That we
lose that, in moving from cvs to svn?

You whole email, well, it *seems* to me to be very biased towards thinking that
cvsup is only used to check out sources.  I hope what we have here is a
misunderstanding, I would really dislike losing this capability, of being able
to call up a particular files entire history, whenever I wanted, at no large
processing cost to FreeBSD.

> CVSup does two things:
>   * It can check out copies of all the files in a remote repository,
>     using date- and time-based snapshot info, or just CVS tag names.
>   * It can mirror the RCS metadata of a CVS repository.
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