Chris Rees wrote:
2009/4/11 Manish Jain <>:
Hi all,

After weeks of fumbling and struggling, I have made my full transition from
Linux to FreeBSD, thanks in no mean measures to the assistance of this
forum. I've got my FreeBSD 7.1 x86 system set up exactly as I wanted it and
now I am looking to move one step further - and that is one big step. I wish
to get rid of my Windows installation too, which exists purely for the
purpose of multimedia entertainment - one area where I think GNU-based
systems still have some way to go before they catch up with Win32

However, I am willing to give it a try. I already have xmms set up, which
takes care of the audio part reasonably well. The big hole that remains is a
video application. What I looking for is something on these lines :

1) I hardly ever play movies directly from the CD/DVD drive (/dev/dvd ->
/dev/acd0, courtesy devfs.conf). First I copy them to the hard-disk (after
decrypting any DVD's if needed). So I ideally want an application that can
play .dat and unencrypted .vob files directly from a hard disk ntfs
partition without incessently complaining about missing plugins. (If
necessary, I can reformat the ntfs partition as ffs). Actually, to be more
accurate, I don't even have any .vob files. What I have is unencrypted .iso
images of the DVD's, which I guess I will need to mount via mdconfig. But if
the application strictly needs .vob files, I'll extract them from the iso
images for its benefit.

2) Since my DVD drive is capable of reading DVD's from all regions, it would
be great if the application could also, if needed, directly play encrypted
DVD's from the drive itself. I have libdvdnav, libdvdread, libdvdcss and
libdvdplay installed.

3) The final point to be considered is the quality of the video/audio
playback compared to, say, PowerDVD on Windows - which I have used (version
2.55) with absolute delight and satisfaction since I purchased my first DVD.

Any tips/input would be greatly appreciated. To keep the discussion simple,
HD/Blu-Ray are not in my plans for the current century.

Thank you and Regards
Manish Jain

NB : Laast year I kudn't spell Software Engineer. Now I are won.

Have you tried vlc for video? I'm sure it's not something you've
completely overlooked, but it's probably worth another.

You seem settled on xmms, have you also tried out musicpd for music?
You can use Sonata as a frontend, very nice to use, or even over HTTP.
It also carries on fine should X crap out :)


Hello Chris,

Thanks for the input. I certainly am not settled on xmms. It's the only one I was aware of so far. Further to that, I WAS actually for something that could do without X, because I work a lot on the console. I'll start the musicpd build right away.

Thank you and Regards
Manish Jain

NB : Laast year I kudn't spell Software Engineer. Now I are won.

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