Robert Huff wrote:
Erik Gustafson writes:

 Have you tried the ports multimedia/mplayer or multimedia/vlc? I
 can't live without mplayer on my desktop and it usually "just
 works" on everything i try to play.

        I use mplayer too, but (as far as I know) the list of supported
codecs hasn't changed in several years.  That's mostly not a
problem, but there are certain file types (.wmvs I have been told
are handled correctly by Windows Media Player 10/11; this may be a
DRM thing) that completely do not play.

 If you want a fancy GUI, search in ports/multimedia for mplayer
 and you will find kde-mplayer, gnome-mplayer and friends.

        Mplayer has a gui (gmplayer) but it's pretty minimal.

                                Robert Huff

Hello Robert / Erik / All,

The mplayer installation went pretty smoothly - no problems with that. And the gui is more than acceptable - I don't need the gnome-mplayer add-on. But the application has failed to play any file/CD/DVD for me so far. The typical complaint for unencrypted vob files/iso-images is 'Too many packets in the buffer', whereas for encrypted DVD's the application produces garbage. (Please note it is willing to take dvd://1 on the commandline but not dvdnav://1, even though libdvd[nav/read/css] are all installed on my system). My DVD device in mplayer is /dev/dvd (permissions 644), which is a symlink to /dev/acd0 (permissions 444).

For .dat files copies straight from CD's, the playback seems to occur at the rate of one frame per annum. On more than a couple of occasions, I remember getting some warning message to the effect 'gl missing : be prepared for a severe performance penalty'.

Needless to say, my spirits are dampened after all the initial enthusiasm and effort. Maybe somebody can point out what might be wrong with my setup. Following is the output of my 'make showconfig' in /usr/ports/multimedia/mplayer :
===> The following configuration options are available for mplayer-0.99.11_12:
     DEBUG=off "Include debug symbols in mplayer's binary files"
     RTCPU=on "Let mplayer dynamically check for CPU features"
     OCFLAGS=on "Use optimized compiler flags"
     SIMD=on "Allow mplayer to use vector engines (MMX...)"
     IPV6=off "Include inet6 network support"
     X11=on "Enable X11 support for mplayer's video output"
     X11XV=on "X11 video drivers: XV"
     X11DGA=on "X11 video drivers: DGA"
     X11GL=on "X11 video drivers: OpenGL"
     X11XIN=on "X11 video drivers: Xinerama"
     X11VM=off "X11 VidMode support"
     GUI=on "Enable GTK2 graphical user interface with X11"
     SDL=off "Enable SDL video output"
     VIDIX=off "Enable VIDIX video output on supported archs"
     SKINS=on "Force dependency on mplayer-skins"
     FREETYPE=on "Use freetype for OSD fonts (TrueType!)"
     RTC=off "Add support for kernel real time clock timing"
     ARTS=off "Enable KDE sound system support"
     ESOUND=on "Enable GNOME esound support"
     JACK=off "Enable JackIt audio server support"
     NAS=off "Enable NAS sound server support"
     OPENAL=off "Enable OpenAL sound support"
     LIBUNGIF=on "Enable gif support"
     AALIB=off "Enable aalib support"
     LIBCACA=off "Enable libcaca support"
     SVGALIB=off "Enable svgalib support"
     LIBDV=off "Enable libdv support"
     MAD=on "Enable mad MPEG audio engine support"
     DTS=on "Enable DTS audio codec support"
     LIBMPCDEC=off "Enable libmpcdec support"
     LADSPA=off "Enable LADSPA plugin support"
     SPEEX=off "Enable speex audio codec support"
     TREMOR=on "Use built-in tremor instead of libvorbis"
     XMMS=on "Enable XMMS plugin support"
     THEORA=off "Enable ogg theora video support"
     WIN32=on "Enable win32 codec set on the IA32 arch"
     AMR=off "Enable AMR audio codec support"
     X264=on "Enable x264 (H.264) video codec support"
     XANIM=on "Enable xanim DLL support"
     XVID=on "Enable XVID video codec support"
     REALPLAYER=off "Enable real player plugin"
     LIVEMEDIA=off "Enable LIVE555 streaming support"
     SMB=off "Enable Samba input support"
     FRIBIDI=off "Enable FriBiDi support"
     LIRC=off "Enable lirc support"
     LIBCDIO=off "Enable libcdio support"
     CDPARANOIA=off "Enable cdparanoia support"
     LIBLZO=off "Enable external liblzo library"
     JOYSTICK=off "Enable joystick support"
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

In mplayer's Preferences/codecs, I am using the DirectShow codecs. Could that be a problem ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Regards
Manish Jain

NB : Laast year I kudn't spell Software Engineer. Now I are won.

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