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> Why should a graphical installer have less functionality ?

hasn't been claimed. GUI installer just requires more resources,
more overhead.

> And what is wrong 
> with some eye candy ?

Eye candy is wrong exactly when it reduces functionality
(instead of adding it). For example, if you need more time
for an installation, require a mouse, or can't use your
Braille readout anymore - then it's wrong- Or better: It's

> Guys, please, wake up, we don't live in the 70's anymore 
> !

That's why FreeBSD is not following strange MICROS~1 concepts
of how to do several things. :-)

> I'm using pc-bsd. Why ? Cause of the easy and nice installer. It's as simple 
> as that. 

You value an operating system by how the installer LOOKS like?
I'm sure you're kidding. :-)

Honestly: People can't be that stupid. Oh wait... okay, I didn't
say anything. :-)

The point is - what I would have better said instead of the
previous two paragraphs - a text mode installer LOOKS more
serious. Serious biznis, you know? Servers, and workstations,
and operating system. For work to be done. Lots of work. Ask
people who work as admins, who keep mailservers running,
webservers, application servers. Do they choose the OS by the
amount of eye candy in the INSTALLER? I'm sure they don't.

> And before anyone says "do it yourself", "get a sponsor" or something down 
> those lines : if it is all about choice, why not give the people/user the 
> choice ? Now I don't have any choice : sysinstall or pc-bsd...

Or DesktopBSD. :-)

> I'm for both : text and graphical :-)

As I explained in an earlier post: If the GUI installer is
(a) not the only way, (b) not an auto-default, (c) does work
well enough even on older hardware and (d) doesn't make things
more complicated, I wouldn't have any problem with it, I would
even use it!

But please note that many users of FreeBSD are scared by the
way other GUI driven installers work. Much time is needed to
do an installation, and there's more emphasize put on how
things look instead of how they work. So I can understand
everyone who says: "When FreeBSD gets a crappy installerjust
like 'Windows' and some Linusi, then I would look around for
another OS that fits my needs."

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