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> Just my two cents:

I may add two Eurocents. :-)

> Why a graphical installer? Shure, it looks nice, easy, modern and more 
> accessable (examples: Mac OS X, Vista), but on the other hand, for me 
> FreeBSD never was intended to be fancy, but to be functional.

I think the majority of FreeBSD users chose FreeBSD because of
this simple consideration. If I wanted a bloated system that
requires the most recent hardware, gets usable after 3 minutes
and does the same as an operating system 5 years ago, well,
I wouldn't use FreeBSD then.

I won't say FreeBSD is for servers only. Because it is a
multi-purpose OS, it can be run on servers, desktops and
mixed forms. I'm using it on the desktop EXCLUSIVELY since
4.0, without problems. Because it doesn't require re-installs
every few weeks (as famous "modern" OSes do), I don't need
a GUI in the installer, because I have enough GUI when the
system is up and running.

> The text mode installer:
> - works on every PC, every graphics card, every screen, with serial 
> console, with ssh, with screenreader

Exactly. The GUI installer simply cannot run on a serial console.
That's nothing bad per se, X can't run on a serial console
either, but the principle of GUI dictates that I won't work
on a serial console.

> - is easy enough for people who are able to use it after the installation

It's really easy if you can read and have a minimum knowledge
about what you're doing. If you don't know anything, can't read
and are stupid, you shouldn't try to install an operating
system on a computer. :-)

> - doesn't need a mouse to be usable

That's why I mentioned the keyboard even in regards of a GUI
installer. As long as it can be used without a mouse, only
by the keyboard, it's okay.

> FreeBSD isn't Linux/OSX/Windows, FreeBSD is not for users who want 
> eyecandy, FreeBSD is for professinals who want perfectly working 
> systems, who know how to edit .conf-files, which packages the need and 
> so on. (at least I think so)

I'd agree with this.

> IMHO, the biggest problem with graphical installers is that they just 
> don't work for everyone.

That's right. Because modern X (and you can't use old X) requires
a quite up-to-date system, older machines that can be used very
well for FreeBSD cannot even be installed.

X has problems on a running system, how can we expect it to be
part of such a basic operational routine as an OS installer?

> For example, my last attempts to install Ubuntu 
> Linux stopped when the installer didn't work with my graphics card or 
> just choosed a mode my TFT didn't support. This was such a bad 
> experience, I didn't wanted to try it anymore.

And this experience could scare away potential users who have
heared or read that FreeBSD is a versatile and powerful OS.
And then, they are presented a child-play installer with
beeps and whistles, with dancing elephants and funny bunny,
and suddenly, the system hangs, reboots, and they won't know
why. Can you imagine they'll try a second time? :-)

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