But there are more and more new "users". It will not work that way another
10 years.

It's funny, that's the same thing that was being said 10 years ago.

and isn't that list ALREADY much worse, mostly 2-3 last years?

In the 70s, they claimed that by the year 2000, there would be 3 billion
people on earth, and over half of them would be starving because we
wouldn't be able to produce enough food.  There are now over 6 bil,
and the % of starving people is lower than ever.
I have a book from the 80s that predicts that we'll run out of oil by
the year 2000 and have to find another source to power our cars before
then.  The book has graphs showing the available reserves and usage
and everything.  The math all works out.

both statements were produced by people that have political interest in saying that!

Now they put into people brain about nonexistent human-caused global warming for example.

Not only within last 6 years average earth temperature goes down, but it was actually more hot long time ago.

In Poland until 12 century malaria was common disease. Then it disappeared as climate changed to cold enough to kill these parasites.

They even repeat that ices are constantly melting. Yes they are, in the same time new is constantly built up, like it is for thousands of years.

MOST FUNNY - "Arctic ices are malting so fast, and when they will melt water level will raise many meters high. Countries like holland will be flooded".

It's really funny that people with not just primary school, but university papers believe that when ice floating on water will melt, water level will go up.

All this politician's tricks works only because people are by average just dumb.
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