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Chad Perrin <per...@apotheon.com> wrote:

>I try to learn from others' mistakes to reduce the likelihood that I
>will be forced to learn from my own.  If you really want to learn from
>your own mistakes, though, go ahead and ignore the instances where
>GoDaddy has screwed over other customers, and just keep using it in
>willful ignorance until the day when your luck changes.  I guess
>that's your prerogative.

I believe you are over generalizing it. I have had two occasions where
FBSD crashed and I lost a considerable amount of data. According to
your statement, I should just say screw FBSD and move on to another OS.

Seriously though, if they have X number of clients and only .1% of them
have experienced a problem, is there really a problem? I don't know
since I don't have statistics on GoDaddy. Obviously you do. Would you
be kind enough to post them so I could inspect them myself.



They're unfriendly, which is fortunate, really.  They'd be difficult
to like.


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