Ok, yesterday morning I applied the security patch for sendmail 8.12.6 --
along with about half of the rest of the world. :)

Everything works fine. However, I would like to upgrade to 8.12.8. So, I
downloaded the tarball (from sendmail.org), ran the ./Build script, and
tested the binary before using it. It was missing half the goodies I had
compiled in earlier (like SASL).

That did not surprise me, really. But my question is, how can I make the
sendmail src I untarred in my work-dir aware of my current config files? I
mean, so I will only need to recompile (without having to set up everything
from scratch; and then, come the new upgrade, go through the same cumbersome
motions again).

And, perhaps this is pushing my luck, but when will there be an 8.12.8 in
the ports collection? I found 8.12_7 there, but I am obviously not going
with that.


- Mark

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