Gary Kline wrote:
for the dedicated nerds on-list now on the weekend, i just edited [[ this
is my LAST edit ]] of ``slicejourney.php''. it goes away in ten days.
i have another issue that has more to do with freebsd on the new and
lost cost notebook computers i had heard of.   how many and which ones
work best with our flavor of BSD.  turns out that sometimes things-ubuntu
fail, and i need something failsafe and with a keyboard.  i'll explain
later, but if i can use a lightweight computer that has audio with the
kde apps, i can create a reasonably priced tts or speech synthesizer that
would be accessible to a great many people.  instead of the $8-9 kilobuck
windose devs.

anybody know?


Aloha Gary,

Agree that that any Ubunto OS is bad on notebooks. I have an HP Mini 1000 that I have network issues with because Ubunto barfs up any static network settings.

HP Tech Support gave me advice to replace it with FreeBSD 7.2. Try it from a flash drive first to test everything then replace the Ubunto.

I hear some people on the list have FreeBSD on Asus Eee net books and it is working well.


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