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On Fri, 03 Jul 2009 12:05:13 -0700, Drew Tomlinson <d...@mykitchentable.net> 
Next I used bsdlabel and created 500M a: partitions on two of the drives (ad6 & ad8).
There is no colon after the partition letter. The colon
is used to refer (or change) to the 1st DOS diskette drive. :-)

I'm not sure what you mean here. I showed it as "a:" as that's how bsdlabel reports it when displaying the label 'bsdlabel ad6' for example.

However /dev/ad6s1a and /dev/ad8s1a do not exist. I do have entries such as /dev/ad6a and/dev/ad8a but gmirror doesn't like those. What must I do the get them to show after I've labeled?

If you have /dev/ad[68]a, it indicates that you haven't created a
slice on those disks, instead you created one partition (a) on
each of the disks.
I think this was part of my problem. For example, I did 'bsdlabel ad6' instead of 'bsdlabel ad6s1'. Now I have entries such as /dev/ad6s1a and /dev/ad8s1a after using 'bsdlabel -e <dev>'.

However now I use 'gmirror label root /dev/ad[68]s1a' as in the guide. No error is reported at the command line but /dev/mirror/root is not created either. Any ideas?



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