David Southwell wrote:
> Hi every one
> My understanding is that one uses the amd64 for building a kernel for systems 
> with Intel Quad Core processors.
> It is helpful when naming conventions follow a logical strand. I mean why 
> does 
> freebsd use a single manufacturer's name to represent a genre? 
> David 
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One would use the amd64 version of FreeBSD on 64-bit platforms (apart
from the itanium platforms).
the amd64 or x86-64 instuction set has been designed by amd, which
called it amd64.
Intel implemented amd's design in their EM64T or "Intel 64" instruction
set, which is compatible with amd's implementation(mostly IS amd's
As such, amd64 is as valid a platform name as IA64(or Itanium) is.

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