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> On 06 August 2009 pm 16:40:41 Mark Stapper wrote:
> > Erich Dollansky wrote:
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> > > IA 64? Wans't this once - or still is - the term used for the
> > > Itanium?
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> > The one that didn't stick... indeed.
> do they really sell machines with this CPU in numbers?

Yes, but not very large numbers - especially not compared to x86 machines.
According to some estimates quoted in the Wikipedia article on Itanium,
Intel manufactures around 200,000 Itanium CPUs per year, which translates
to a far smaller number of machines since most of them are multi-CPU

By far the largest seller of Itanium-based systems is HP (which also
partnered with Intel in creating the IA64 architecture in the first place.)

> I have not seen one in the wild.

Not surprising since the Itanium is mainly used in the kind of high-end
server systems that us ordinary people rarely see and certainly can't afford
to buy.

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Erik Trulsson
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