> If the scenerio I described above seems to fit, yes.  Sounds like things
> are going well.  If you want to be REAL paranoid, you could try rebuilding
> your kernel with IFPW_DEFAULT_ACCEPT (or whatever that option is) and make
> sure you have network connectivity before continuing.
> I wouldn't bother if it were me.  It sounds like things are going well.
> The main thing you're looking for is that the new kernel actually BOOTs.
> Drop to single-user mode and do the installworld.

I went ahead and did installworld. The IPFW problem dissapeared
immediatly. All I had to do was add the smmsp user as per UPDATING, and it
went slick from there.

Small issues were:

- a depricated line in sshd_config, which I manually commented out
- sig 11 on nmbd, for which I will upgrade samba (should fix it)

All in all, I am very exited as my amanda box now uname -a with
FreeBSD-4.8RC, and is back in full production.

I have began syncing source on my mission critical boxes, and plan on
starting the upgrade on them next week.

I did mergemaster on amanda box, but must of did something wrong as
afterwards, my /etc/master.passwd file was missing. Copied it back from
backup and all is well. mergemaster didn't seem to touch anything except
for it, so next time I will likely just do the manual thing.

Thanks for all of your help, which gave me the confidence to proceed in
this delicate manner.

However, I should of known that with the stability of Free that I really
had nothing to worry about from the beginning!


> --
> Bill Moran
> Potential Technologies
> http://www.potentialtech.com

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