Le Mon, 3 Aug 2009 15:02:58 +0300,
Odhiambo  ワシントン <odhia...@gmail.com> a écrit :

> > # grep ftps /etc/services
> > ftps-data       989/tcp    # ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL
> > ftps-data       989/udp
> > ftps            990/tcp    # ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL
> > ftps            990/udp
> >
> pure-ftpd supports TLS/SSL.
> I am wondering if it can do this.

I just tried with pure-ftpd, TLS works but it's not ftps (there is a
negociation like SMTP/IMAP with START TLS i think). I want to keep the
old ftp too.

The good thing is that works out of the box with lftp, it picks up TLS.

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