>> Should I use any flags? Should I mount the filesystems read write or read 
>> only?
> You should never fsck a filesystem when its mounted!

Ah... glad I asked.

> I think you should start by reading the manual pages for fsck and
> fsck_ffs. I would start with 'fsck_ffs -fp /dev/yourdevicenode'.

Okay, that makes sense, and is simpler than what I was planning. I
have a long train ride, so I'm going to print out and read those man
pages, and whatever I can find in the Handbook, and maybe there's some
info in my Absolute FreeBSD book...

> If this command quits with errors, you might try fsck_ffs without flags,
> or 'fsck_ffs -y' to have it try and repair all damage that it finds.

Excellent. Thanks for all your advice Roland.
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