Raisa Brokhshtut wrote:

My old desktop has FreeBSD that I have never used. One of the friends of my son 
installed it long ago, but no one used that PC since then. Now I want to get 
rid of this program and to install Windows. Every time when I boot this PC it 
prompts for a user login which I don't know. This guy who intalled FreeBSD is 
not around anymore.
Anyway, I would greatly appreciate if you would guide me how to uninstall that program. I don't have windows reskue cd. So I want to completly remove that FreeBSD from my PC and to install the Windows operating system from CD.

Simply boot the Windows install cd and install, no need to uninstall FreeBSD first. If the system doesn't boot the cd booting from cd is possibly disabled in the bios or set as second boot option. Check the bios that the system tries to boot from first from cdrom then hard disk.

BR, Erik

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