> It does FreeBSD a disservice when its supporters slam other platforms and
> implicitly (and explicitly on occasion) denigrate users of such.

I agree only insofar as nobody is ever benefited by
insulting/denigrating other users. But that's not what Polytropon was
doing, I don't think.  Seems to me he was denigrating the Windows
system itself.  And this leads to where I disagree.

I think denigrating other systems is a fine thing if and when the
denigration is based on true differences and not unrealistic
exaggeration.  For example, "FreeBSD is more stable than
Windows--Windows sucks, it's unstable!"  OK, this is me denigrating
Windows.  Am I hurting Windows's feelings?  Am I preventing a small
market player from competing with the establish oligarchy?  No.  I'm
parading the greatness of FreeBSD.  Sure, I sound more like a human
being having a little fun than a technical booklet, but so what--who
says FreeBSD users can't be people too :)
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