On 17 August 2009 pm 16:25:29 Polytropon wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Aug 2009 10:28:01 -0700, George Davidovich 
<free...@optimis.net> wrote:
> > Sorry, but while I agree the MICROS~1 pejorative can be a bit
> > juvenile and uncalled for, your assertion that 8.3 filenames
> > are a thing of the past is incorrect.
> Furthermore, I think it wasn't a "gain of comfort" MICROS~1
> (sorry, can't resist) inventet. As far as I remember, CP/M had
> 8.3 filenames too, and that was prior to DOS. (It only hadn't
> directories).
wasn't it DEC with their RT-11 and RSX-11 operating systems 
introducing this concept which was then copied by Intel for the 
8080 development systems?

> By the way, where did I read that #define macro names have to
> be unique within the first 6 (six) letters? :-)

Hey, memory was real rare those days.

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