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> It works for me, using 3 steps:
> 1) Use CUPS instead of lpd

CUPS brings its own lpd, so in fact you're still using a lpd,
even if it's not the system one's. :-)

> 2) Install a PPD for the printer that knows about duplex printing

It seems that this Brother printer does not come with an "operator
panel" where you can set default modes. As an example, you can
tell a HP laserjet 4000 duplex to be duplex by default, so you
don't need additional configuration.

For "modern" printers, PPD files are needed to make printer spoolers
and filters aware of what capabilities the printer has. This is
needed if the printer does not conform to standard printer
languages, such as PS or PCL.

> 3) Install OOo with CUPS support

There are some printer settings available in OO, but maybe they
do not cover all the printer's capabilities.

> I don't know if it's possible to do through lpd, though.

With a real printer, it works by default. :-)

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