On Thursday 06 March 2003 02:46 pm, Bill Moran wrote:
> I know this doesn't belong on this list, but I can't find any information
> about it at all, anywhere.  First off, if anyone can point me to
> information in lieu of a direct answer, that would be just as helpful. 
> I've searched Apple's site, google at large and the chaos at the mkisofs
> homepage.

Well you help lots of us here, so I'll make a feeble attempt.  The only thing 
I can think of is some pretty generic advice.  Try simplifying the problem 
and breaking it up into it's components till you get to the cause.
        Then try new versions of the software you're running. What version of 
netatalk are you running? how about mkisofs?

> Here's the problem:
> FreeBSD server that serves files up for Windows and Mac OS X machines
> (using Samba and Netatalk).  It has a CD burner in it that is used to
> archive old projects.  I have a perl script written that presents a GUI
> that a user can pick a directory and click a button to burn it to CD.
> FreeBSD is 4.4, cdrtools is 2.0.
> Here is the command I'm using to burn the CD:
> output = `/usr/local/bin/mkisofs -J -r -apple --netatalk -allow-multidot
> -allow-lowercase $target | /usr/local/bin/cdrecord speed=16 dev=4,0 -`

am I getting this right, you're pulling the data over the network using 
netatalk and then burning it on the freebsd server?
Try eliminating pulling it over netatalk if possible.

> The result is a CD that works fine on FreeBSD and Windows, but on Mac OS X
> it shows all the files and directorys just fine, but the data is corrupt.
> It appears as though the resource fork is fine, as images have a viewable
> thumbnail, but the data itself is unusable.

Have you tried mounting the iso using vnconfig and seeing if the data is 
readable that way?  On Mac OS?
How about making the ISO on the Mac and then burning it (on either the Mac 
machine or the FreeBSD machine.)

> Has anyone else seen this, or has any thoughts as to what I might be doing
> wrong.  The biggest irritation is that it used to work just fine, and I
> don't remember changing anything.

Hmm, that is a bummer.  I had weird problems when I used netatalk, but it was 
never important to me so I never tried hard to fix it.
Another thought, if you're using MacOS X, why not try NFS instead of netatalk?

hope that helps,


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