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> How-do.  Has anyone gotten SBC's DSL service working on FreeBSD?


> I've tinkered with netgraph, pppoe, and my ppp.conf file but still get an
> error about device tun0 or tun1; I'm not sure what to do.

man ppp
man 8 pppoe

It works with generic kernel. ppp loads the netgraph module
automatically. Here is what you need to have in rc.conf:


Then in ppp.conf you have:
        set log Phase tun command
        set ifaddr
        set device PPPoE:rl0
        set authname [EMAIL PROTECTED]
        set authkey mypassword
        set dial
        set login
        add default HISADDR

Note, my external interface is rl0 and ppp_profile points to relevant
stanza in ppp.conf

You can also add line in /etc/ppp/ppp.linkup to update the ipnat and ipf
rules. Use tun0 as the external interface. DO not filter on rl0.

Email me privately if you need help...

> Also, how do I know what hostname to set in my rc.conf file ... before
> I've been assigned a dynamic IP??
> Please CC: me in your reply.  Thank you all.  PS-(SDBUG, next mtg?)

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