On 8/22/10 8:12 PM, Rem P Roberti wrote:
  I just acquired an IBM Thinkpad R51 on which I have installed 8.1
Release.  I have scoured the handbook and tried a number of different
combinations in /etc/rc.conf and /boot/loader.conf to get the wireless
working, but so far with no luck.  Can anyone give me a heads up on
getting wireless operating on this laptop?

Hi Rem,

First off, do you know what wireless chipset you have?  You can find out

        pciconf -lv

though without knowing what manufacturer, I can't quite say what to look
for.  As far as the settings, have a look at this section of the handbook:


particularly where you configure wlan0 as the interface in rc.conf -
pre-8.0-RELEASE, the convention was to use:


where iwn0 was an Atheros-based chipset.  The new way is to set the
following in rc.conf:


Maybe you can put the output of the pciconf command I referenced earlier
on pastebin - I think that might help us get you in the right direction


Thanks for your help so far. Yes, I have looked at the handbook section on wireless, and as a matter of fact I installed 8.1 on an ancient Compaq Presario (6GB HD!) and was able to configure the Atheros wireless pci card so that the computer works quite well. OK...the info I gleaned from pciconf -lv shows:

device    = 'driverIntel PRO/Wirelss 220BG  (MPC13B'

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