Sounds like you have echo turned off in the modems internal prom
setting. Use Hayes AT command to turn on echo function of modem
hardware.   Did these modems you tested work ok in FBSD 4.8?

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Subject: Modem replies to commands mostly not seen.

I hooked up an external 28.8 modem after continuity-cheking the
but the lights didn't seem right, as I remember them. (I've not use
modem for several years.)  Modem doesn't respond to terminal
commands and seems broken, so I throw in an internal (non-winmodem)
Sportster (that I've just seen working OK under Linux).  Boot
looks OK as it flashes by; it identifies the proper UART, IRQs, etc,
(but not an ID string from the modem -- I don't know if that's
expected or not).  I hand-set the "COM #" and "IRQ" and made things
match in /boot/device.hints.  And it sort of works.  I'm using

When I run a terminal emulator (tip, seyon, and minicom, so far), I
get the same behavior: 1) Each character typed isn't seen until I
the next character.  2) Giving it the "AT" command (or most others),
it never says "OK", but a few info commands, like "ATI6" will slowly
spit out their reply (even ending with "OK") if I bang away on the
keys, one or two characters per key.  Looks like some kind of
flow-control problem, but I've tried lots of fixes (using the
emulator's config controls) and always get the same behavior.  I've
even messed with some of the "stty" stuff, though I think that
be overruled by the terminal emulators (except maybe "tip", which I
barely know).

Any hints?  Thanks.
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