Hi all:

I have been using FreeBSD in production enviroments so I used FreeBSD 4.7 and 4.8.
Now, I have installed FreeBSD 5.1 on my laptop. 
So I decided to keep track of the -RELEASE_5 (STABLE). But It seems that there is 
not such a branch on the repository.
Reading diferent links at freebsd.org. It seems that there is only to branchs for 


The first one, I think can be a very agresive for my intentions. The second one,
instead, will not modify my sources to improve the performace because it is a 
patch branch.

If I am not wrong with this, what will be the reason to install 5.1 instead 4.8?
I mean, 5.1 has more features but a worst performace that 4.8. On the other hand,
there is no -STABLE branch of 5.1 so the only way to keep you system up to date
is follow the -CURRENT branch which is a little agresive in my case.

Thanks in advance.

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