On Monday 21 July 2003 06:18 pm, David Rio wrote:

> If I am not wrong with this, what will be the reason to install 5.1
> instead 4.8? I mean, 5.1 has more features but a worst performace
> that 4.8. On the other hand, there is no -STABLE branch of 5.1 so
> the only way to keep you system up to date is follow the -CURRENT
> branch which is a little agresive in my case.

Did you tune your installation? I found that after enabling SSE in my 
kernel and modifying /boot/loader.conf to enable DMA on IDE and ATAPI 
devices that 5.1 runs like a bat out of Hell. Only when playing DVDs 
with mplayer do I get slowdown, and it's my fault for using an 
ancient video card.

There isn't a -STABLE branch for 5.1 yet because the maintainers don't 
think 5.1 is ready for it. Be patient.

Matthew Graybosch
"I am become root, shatterer of kernels."

PS: If you want, I'll send copies of my kernel config and 

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