On Sat, Jul 26, 2003 at 02:05:44AM -0300, Leonardo Lazarte wrote:
> Dear Tom,
>    Unfortunately you have found a problem which those
> in the know prefer to ignore.

No-one's ignoring it, it's been discussed multiple times over the past
few weeks, with full explanations and workarounds.

>    The ports system has been broken with the last
> upgrade, and many of us which have found the same
> problem could not find a solution.
>    It has been suggested by some that you could copy
> pkg_info from some newer version. Other person suggested
> re-building pkg_install (in fact, it was incorrectly
> suggested to build pkg_info), after cvsuping src.
>    I tried both, with no luck.
>    I will go the hard way, re-installing the system, with
> a new version.
>    As a side note, I mentioned that I have been using
> FreeBSD for a decade (of course a rough estimate), and
> have been corrected by very knowledgeble (sp?) people
> in opposite directions. One said that FreeBSD was not
> yet ten years old, other said it was ten years three
> months. But still no help with a solution.

No they didn't.  The first release of FreeBSD was less than ten years
ago, but the project itself is ten years and 3 weeks old.  Both of
these facts are documented.


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