Hi all,

What have I done wrong when I can log into my IMAP account (cyrus-imapd-2.0.17) via Mozilla and web mail (Squirrelmail) but Pine doesn't allow me to log in? I use PAM with MySQL authentication. This is what I get to my log file (first when I log into with Mozilla from a remote client, then Pine locally):

-- 8< --
Jul 27 18:04:27 silakka imapd[5665]: login: my.computer.foo[x.x.x.x] kypeli plaintext

Jul 27 18:05:09 silakka imapd[5685]: badlogin: localhost.computer.foo[] CRAM-MD5 authentication failure [no secret in database]
-- 8< --

Why does Pine try to use CRAM-MD5 but Mozilla doesn't? I have {localhost:143}inbox in Pine in inbox-path.

Running FreeBSD 4.8.


Johan Paul

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