I think we need software that blocks spam out of the box.

Server Side:
I've found that most of my time is spent installing addons for sendmail to do virus scanning and spam prevention. Why don't mail servers have spam assassin, black lists, etc. enabled and installed with a base set of rules to prevent spam? Every release of the software would also need to include new rules, but your ip list solution needs updating all the time too.

Client Side: email clients all need spam and virus filters. Many have them now, but there should be a central filter database for clients too. I wouldn't get these stupid worms all the time if they were deleted.. most of them have the same subject.. simple pattern matching. I often find myself creating filters to delete them myself. I switched to apple mail from Netscape 7 to get spam filtering in january client side.

I do understand the counter argument about blocking ips.. but i think thats frustration talking. Even if ip blocking is an improvement, it won't stop spam.

Today its far to easy to get your email out on the 'net. Even the "high school dropouts" as you call the spammers can buy a cheap DSL connection, setup a mailserver and spam like crazy untill the ISP gets enough complaints to cut them off. When that happens, they get a new connection and start all over.

As long as we rely on the old and very outdated SMTP protocoll that powers the net today, precautions will have to be taken very soon, or email will be useless in a few years.


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