At 11:56 AM 8.29.2003 -0700, Michelle wrote:
>I would like to upgrade mysql from mysql-server-3.23.54 to 
>mysql-server-3.23.57 and understand that I will need to do a dump 
>before upgrading since the upgrade needs to overwrite the databases.  
>Since I have never done this before, I just want to make sure I have 
>the correct steps after reading over the mysql site and the man pages.
>First I will dump all of my databases:
>mysqldump  -A > backup-file.sql
>Then I will shutdown the mysql server and upgrade the mysql port with 
>the environment variable OVERWRITE_DB defined when running make install.
>To rebuild the databases do I simply use:
>mysqldump --all-databases > backup-file.sql
>and then restart the mysql server using mysqld_safe
>Am I missing any steps?
>Thank you,

I posted this just a few hours ago.....

Use portugrade and its easy. It is a simple one-line command on
# portupgrade -m '-DSKIP_INSTALL_DB' mysql-server-3.23.54

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net
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