On 09/01/03 08:22 PM, Hendrik Hasenbein sat at the `puter and typed:
> Louis LeBlanc wrote:
> > Now, I realize no one will want to make 'supported' or 'guaranteed'
> > recommendations, but I would certainly appreciate some pointers on
> > taking the above information and determining the ideal CPU options to
> > use in my kernel.  I looked at the handbook, and can't find any such
> > details or links.  My main goal is to find out what CPU features are
> > disabled through the kernel config, and enable them - particularly MMX
> > support.
> You don't need to enable MMX in the kernel. Your mplayer had MMX on, the 
> mplayerxp not I remember. Perhaps there is a switch for mplayerxp.
> >  
> > Does this specify just detection or kernel config?
> I would call it detection.
> Hendrik

Thank you.  Glad I checked before just rebuilding.

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