Thank you for your reply. Your comments are informative but I still don't know what to do!

For some reason, I am not receiving mail sent from cron to root. Therefore, I cannot see any of my (rather important) daily cron logs.

I can send mail to root from anyplace else, either inside or outside the box, and it arrives at the forwarded location ([EMAIL PROTECTED], an external domain).

Can you think what might be going wrong?



Hello Ralph,

Friday, August 29, 2003, 4:36:35 PM, you wrote:

RD> Thank you for your replies.

I am in the process of migrating from Linux and setting up my first
FreeBSD box, so I am unfamiliar with FreeBSD, but I do know qmail well.
Qmail normally logs to its own multilog, (far superior with busy servers),
when and if you installed daemontools... For a good working knowledge of
qmail, visit

You also should have a local user on that box to handle all the dot-qmail
files and aliases.  Mail forwarding is accomplished from the .qmail files.

RD> When I manually send mail to root from either inside the box or from
RD> elsewhere, it is properly received by [EMAIL PROTECTED] (an external domain).

Normally, your /var/qmail/alias/ dir contains your aliases, e.g.
.qmail-root, .qmail-abuse, .qmail-postmaster, .qmail-hostmaster, etc..
these files contain just the name of the of the user that controls the
.qmail files.. Example... ralph would be in the .qmail-root file. Then you
can put in as many .qmail files in your home dir for what you wish...
example, your main .qmail file would contain [EMAIL PROTECTED] (don't need
the &, see man dot-qmail).. Just some thoughts. I suppose it works your way,
but you are limited on what you can do using that method.

Best regards,

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