Jerry McAllister wrote:

I have come accross a few possible bugs or errors while using FreeBSD 5.1-Current. I wrote them down and thought I would at least pass on the information per chance it would help someone, etc. I know that some of the errors could just be me, etc.

FreeBSD 5.1-Current Possible bugs:

1. When I installed FreeBSD on my machine at work, I had 10 GB of 80 GB available for it on a partitioned hard disk. I set up FreeBSD to only have two slices in the partition, one for swap, which was 300 MB, and the remaining 9700 MB was allocated for the / slice. However, when I was in FreeBSD's Fdisk utility, I could not set up a slice larger than 9499 MB, or else the creation of the slices would fail, and so would the installation.

First of all, your terminology is backwards. The slice is the
main unit which is then divided in to partitions for such as root and /usr or whatever. eg you have a 10GB FreeBSD slice which
you want to divide in to a 9700 MB root partition and a 300 MB swap

Second, this all may be due to different ways of expressing the
math of disk units.   What actual size in blocks is your 10 GB
slice and how big in blocks are your 300 MB and 9700 MG partitions?
Also, one virtual cylinder will be eaten for the boot records.


I don't know the answer to that question. If there is a problem, I hope it will be fixed.

James Leone

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