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2. While I am in KDE in FreeBSD, but not in KDE in Linux, if I click on the Floppy Device icon before the floppy is inserted, I will not be able to access a subsequently inserted floppy disk. When I do, I get an error that says: "the device is not configured."

Why do you even want to access a floppy before you insert it into the drive? No system should be able to do that. Kde tries to mount the floppy on clicking on the item. That is going to fail, because without a floppy in the drive there is no device in the device filesystem. Can't think why that should work with linux.

3. When I went to /boot/kernel and typed kldload pcm, it appeared to load up fine, no warning messages, etc. However, when I boot into KDE, KDE will not have any sound. However, if I compile PCM into the kernel and reboot, KDE's sound works just fine.

Should work both ways. Perhaps the kde sound deamon is run by an script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d before your module is probed in.

4. The Real Player port does not use FreeBSD's sound system, even though sound is working in KDE. I have found a few proposed solutions, including one from the Real One Player forum, but none work. The error message says device not found.

Realplayer is working fine. Perhaps your sound device is already taken and blocked by kde.

5. When configured with the tools available to sysinstall, and additionally when X -configure is run, the XF86Config file does not include the modes lines that I get in SuSE Linux 8.2. I ended up copying over and slightly modifying SuSE's XF86Config file for better screeen resolution.

Modelines aren't needed any more. Just insert the parameters of your monitor and choose the desired resolution. Btw most screens show a sharper display if they aren't running at their stated max.


LIke I said, I am just providing information here. I really don't care if it gets resolved, but I did care enough to point out these REAL problems.

James Leone

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