Many thanks to everybody.
Of course, I have read the Handbook, but there are very "wide" solution, not
so specific as I tried to find. There is never said e.g. "Backup file
/etc/fstab" or "After installation mergemaster your previously backed with the new one to include your old changes". And I am so busy,
that I tried to find such very specific type of information. Yes, yes, yes,
it is bad idea to disturb you, but the list is the only "live" forum I have
found. Once again, thanks a lot.

However, I upgraded that machine and all works fine (finally the sendmail,
too). Except when I login, I get following errors (written twice):
Sep  8 08:35:01 ns login: ROOT LOGIN (root) ON ttyv1
Sep  8 08:35:01 ns login: no modules loaded for `login' service
Sep  8 08:35:01 ns login: pam_open_session: Permission denied

What is it ? Is it I have misconfigured pam ? And how can I repair it ?

Please, help.

Peter Rosa

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> > I wish to upgrade my production firewall / mailserver / DNS server from
> > 4.3 to 4.8. The simplest way seems to be use of CVSUP. OK, but...
> Right, so far.
> > Is it safe ?
> It's not completely safe.  Of course, neither is running a
> two-and-a-half year-old release of any operating system
> connected to the Internet.  Risk is something you have to
> manage, not avoid.
> >              What should I backup ?
> Everything you'd mind losing.  For me, that's mostly /etc,
> /usr/local/etc, user data, kernel configs, and the log directory.
> >                                     There is running well-configured
> > sendmail - are there some changes in its configuration between
> > versions 8.11.3 used in FreeBSD 4.3 and 8.12.8p1 used in
> > FreeBSD 4.8.
> There certainly are some changes.  Some of them are related to
> important security fixes.  You will need to merge your configuration
> into the updates.
> > This is my only mailserver and I don't have an secondary
> > if something fails...
> Well, the safest approach is to have a spare system, and build the
> modifications on that.  If you can't do that, then almost as safe (and
> actually safer from your own oversights) is to have a spare machine to
> try out the upgrade on so you get used to the procedure.  If you
> really can't spare a machine for any of these things, accept some
> downtime and make sure you're *very* careful as you go through the
> documented procedure.
> > Please, advice if you have some know-how :-)))
> All of my specific advice is *in* the Handbook.  If I had any more
> advice, I'd submit it to, well, the Handbook.
> Good luck.

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