"Peter Rosa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Of course, I have read the Handbook, but there are very "wide" solution, not
> so specific as I tried to find. There is never said e.g. "Backup file
> /etc/fstab" or "After installation mergemaster your previously backed
> sendmail.cf with the new one to include your old changes".

There *is* no way to have such a comprehensive list that would be
accurate for everybody.  You need all of the locally-modified files,
which can include nearly anything in /etc, most of /var, locally
created data (including user directories, but possibly many other
things, like a web server root, as well), tuning files for ports, and
on and on.  If in doubt, the best thing is to back up the *entire*
system and you know you'll have a backup of anything you need.

You don't need to worry too much about what to merge, because
mergemaster takes care of finding the normal system configuration
files and helping you merge them -- but you need to know how the
system is set up, and how you *want* it to be set up.

> However, I upgraded that machine and all works fine (finally the sendmail,
> too). Except when I login, I get following errors (written twice):
> Sep  8 08:35:01 ns login: ROOT LOGIN (root) ON ttyv1
> Sep  8 08:35:01 ns login: no modules loaded for `login' service
> Sep  8 08:35:01 ns login: pam_open_session: Permission denied
> What is it ? Is it I have misconfigured pam ? And how can I repair it ?

Sure looks like a PAM misconfiguration.  The configuration is
/etc/pam.conf and the default file is /usr/src/etc/pam.conf and unless
you have intentional configuration changes, they should probably be
identical.  mergemaster(8) should have caught that for you.
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