William O'Higgins wrote:

I recently installed FreeBSD 4.8 on a ThinkPad 600X.  The install seemed
to go fine, but when I reboot and I look at the menu, I have two choices
- F1 DOS, F2 FreeBSD.  There is nothing on the DOS partition, so I want
 to press F2.

There isn't any response however.  If I hit F1 it tries to boot the
remnants of the previous OS (Win98), but if I hit F2 I get squat.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? Or should I just install Windoze
first (I have to dual-boot :-( ) and then try again? Any input would be
appreciated. Thanks.

Hi William,

You should install Win98 first, FreeBSD second. Win98 will overwrite the boot manager installed by BSD and you'll have to reinstall ( provided that you're using the boot manager. ). I have setup a bunch of dual boot systems ( various win versions & FreeBSD ) and never ran into the problem you are having. Did you do a custom install or the default one? Can you give any further details of what you did during the install?

Thanatos ( [EMAIL PROTECTED] )

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