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Subject: freeBSD 4.8

>     I am a very-very new LINUX/UNIX user. After being convinced by friends
that it is far better and stablethan windows architechture. So I bought the
LINUX Format magazine because it offered a full OS called FREEBSD 4.8
>     I tried to install it and after a few a attempts I managed to install
it atlast but when it started up it asked for a login and password.
>     I must have missed something along the way because for the life of me
I had no clue what was happening on install. I searched the mag and the disc
and unfortunately I can't find any login or password detail. I tried typing
different stuff but to know avail...
> PLEASE tell me what I'm doing wrong and what I should do...

First, welcome to a whole new world. :)

When you were installing the OS, at one point, it asked you for an
administrative or Super User password. This password will be the root
account password. So, the login will be root with the password that you
provided. Keep in mind, that you can only use this account from the system


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
Cancer Care Network

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