>     I am a very-very new LINUX/UNIX user. After being convinced by friends 
> that it is far better and stablethan windows architechture. So I bought the 
> LINUX Format magazine because it offered a full OS called FREEBSD 4.8
>     I tried to install it and after a few a attempts I managed to install 
> it atlast but when it started up it asked for a login and password.
>    I must have missed something along the way because for the life of me I 
> had no clue what was happening on install. I searched the mag and the disc 
> and unfortunately I can't find any login or password detail. I tried 
> typing different stuff but to know avail...
> PLEASE tell me what I'm doing wrong and what I should do...

What you first missed was the step in the installation process that
asked you to set up an administration account with passwork.  Or, you
may have done it and forgotten it.   It may be the 'root' account.

If you can't remember or figure it out, then you can boot to single
user and create one there.   There are lots of descriptions in the
archives on how to do it and instructions in the FreeBSD Handbook which
in online at http://www.freebsd.org/   look for the handbook item or
do a search for single user.  Or do the search on Google.

Create an account with root priviledge and go from there.   Make sure
you use a decently hard to guess password.

   reboot    (you may have to CTRL-ALT-DEL)
   hit space when it asks and starts a countdown    Then do:
   boot -s    (wait for it to finish to a # prompt)
   RETURN/ENTER    when it asks for shell
   fsck -p
   mount -u /
   mount -a
   swapon -a
   vipw   (see   http://scnc.k12.mi.us/howto/edit/vi.html   for editing info)
         copy the line with 'toor' (eg make two of them) 
         replace the 'toor' field with a real id (we use Rinitials)
         add a shell on the end of the line like '/bin/tcsh' or '/bin/sh'
         save and exit from vipw    (type ESC:wq )
   passwd Rinitials  (whatever id you just created) and set the password
   shutdown -r now
   allow it to reboot and log in with the new id.


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