Barry Hawkins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>       My own research via Google showed several places I could try
> to  download the problematic Samsung-SmartGDI-all-GS.tar.gz.  After
> downloading the file in question several times from different
> locations, including the FreeBSD ftp archives, I continued to receive
> the same messages regarding checksum failures.
>       I came across one person's workaround, and was able to use
> that  <
> 002738.html>.  However, there are several old postings in various
> newsgroups about this problem, some dating back to October 2002.  Why
> hasn't this MD5 checksum issue been corrected yet?  Is there another
> dependent issue that justifies not fixing this?

If I fetch it right now, it fetches fine and matches the checksum.
There's nothing wrong with the port -- the problem is in your system
failing to get the file.  Remove it, and let the ports system get it
on its own, and I *suspect* that the ports system will get it right.
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