On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Dan Nelson wrote:

> In the last episode (Sep 23), J.A. Terranson said:
> > Just means that I am stuck at 4.8R from here on in.  So are a lot of
> > other people...
> I think if a lot of other people were still using the wd driver we'd
> have heard about it.

I base my assumption on the fact that I work at a company that has *hundreds*
of FBSD boxen, all of which arew on WD for the reasons I have gone into.  I
figure if we'vew done this, it is reasonable to assume others have too.  And
after looking through the archives first, there was a lot of anecdotal
evidence supporting this theory.

>  GENERIC only has ata/ad, so I'd expect to see a
> lot more "sysinstall can't write to my disk" questions.

Oddly enough, I can say with authority that these issues don't show up until
the disk has been in use, and starts to hit the ~40-60% usage mark.  Prior to
that, it's fine.

>  I seem to
> remember having problems with the da driver on my laptop back in 2000,
> but that was a loong time ago, and I have quite a few other machines
> running kernels from that era that have no problems at all.
> If you actually have a bunch of machines that ata won't work on, maybe
> you could ship one to Soeren and let him take a look at it?

Gladly, if it will be shipped back when done.  In fact, I'll ship two.  The
"standard build" here, which is a PPRo and the "current" which is an Asus SiS
based board with a PIII-866.

J.A. Terranson

        "Every living thing dies alone."
        Donnie Darko

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