On Thu, Sep 25, 2003 at 04:05:59PM -0700, K Anderson wrote:

> Does this possibly clear up things?

Yeah, that's all expected behaviour..

1) when upgrading ports you have to upgrade ports in the correct
order, i.e. if X depends on Y then you have to update Y before you
update X.  sysinstall doesn't do this, ports will at least notice that
you have tried to install a new version of Y on top of an old version
or have tried to update X when you should have first updated Y.  The
easiest way to update ports in the correct order is to use the
portupgrade port.

2) packages depend explicitly on other packages, in particular if you
have apache-X installed and it's looking for apache-Y then it will try
to install it, and won't be satisfied by the apache-X installation.


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