On Sunday 12 October 2003 09:09 pm, Jem Matzan wrote:
>       I'm writing a review of FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE and part of the review
> entails outlining the significant differences between FreeBSD and
> GNU/Linux (in a general sense).
> These are the points that I plan on writing about:
> Development philosophy
> Development process
> Delivery and installation of ported programs and packages
> Cohesiveness of the kernel and the userland
> The licensing
>       Most of these I can handle on my own, but I'd like to add some official
> comments from FreeBSD committers and contributors regarding development
> philosophy and process. Also if you feel that I've left out something
> important from the above list, please turn me on to it.
>       Thanks for taking the time to respond to my request.

I dunno - but it seems to me that if someone, or some entity is going to write 
a review, the review is based on the reviewers experiance. 

to me, anything else would be considered hear-say, and really not a review at 
all. More, an opinion from other sources. That being said, the sources 
paraphrased would not represent a fair review in the othe camps eye.

I might suggest simply doing a head to head eval of a distro of Linux, give it 
30 days, then do the same with FBSD. Then, and only then (in my eyes) could 
you actually, and fairly write a review.

Just my 2 pennies.



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