At 12:26 PM 10/14/2003, Stephane Raimbault wrote:

I am curious as to what people using FreeBSD use for a Backup Solution. Are there any Comercial software available for Tape Backup Solutions that run well on FreeBSD?

I'm looking at using a Dell PowerVault 110T LTO tape drive and was looking for software to utilize to backup the 10 servers and growing in my server farm.

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In my small environment I am using Bacula ( also it is available on sourceforge. It runs quite well, and the documentation is above the quality of any commercial software I have seen lately. Oh, BTW, it is open source. And the developer is only an email away. Response time for him is usually in an hour or so!

I am not related to, get no kickback from, nor even any attaboys from Bacula, but am pleased with the product and am quite happy to make mention of it!

Someone on the list recommended it to me, and I forgot to say thanks. It works well and will handle Windows clients as remote backup clients.

I cannot help you with commercial backup software.


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