...but not necessarily in relation to one another. ;-)

This is my second go at FreeBSD, and it's my umpteenth one with UNIXes in
general. Having done my share of Linux (with one recent battle being setting up
a web/mail/NFS/NIS/Samba server for a school project. *puh* I thought I knew
what frustration was, but boy was I wrong!), I've moved onto FreeBSD because -
well, I think it's easier to set up, and you don't have to relate to several
different versions of the same OS. Now, onto my questions:

1. I have installed onto a laptop computer, with a USB mouse and a touchpad.
Now, up until very recently, the USB mouse worked fine when I inserted it and
took it out while the system was on, and the console output showed usbd doing
its thing. However, the other day this stopped working, and I now have to have
the USB mouse inserted at startup for it to function at all. This is, of course,
no biggie, but it kinda defeats the purpose of the whole USB thing, doesn't it?
The touchpad, however, works perfectly, always.

2. I have one built-in NIC and a Wireless NIC, both of which work perfectly, the
way they're supposed to. Now, my beef is that the Wireless NIC is used for home,
and gets IP via DHCP from my router. The built-in NIC is used for school, must
have IP assigned manually (from rc.conf), and has a totally different IP range
that my network at home. This, of course, leads to mayhem when the default route
is to be established. If I enter the gateway at school statically, my laptop
gets online at school, but not at home. If I don't, my laptop gets online at
home, but I have to manually "route add default etc" everytime I want to go
online at school. Is there a tidy way to do this automatically? One default
route per NIC, for instance?

Thanks for all help, please CC me, as I'm on digest mode. :-D

Henrik W Lund

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