Anyone able to read temperatures on a VIA EPIA-M 10000, or working
on updating viapm?

I built a 4.8 kernel with smbus, viapm, etc, but the hardware
monitor programs complain about /dev/smb0 and nothing shows in dmesg
about smb.  The viapm device looks like it was last updated for
VT8233A, and the south bridge on this machine is VT8235 (although a
VT8233 shows up as the audio controller ?) , so maybe that's
blocking the probe even though the smb part is probably all the

Thanks for any tips.

p.s. If anyone needs to get X working on this machine, lemme know.
The xfree86-cvs via driver has a problem unique to freebsd, but it
is easy to repair.

David Brinegar
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